BooYone @ ProtestFest 2005

The ProtestFest is music/culture/politics festival held regularly in Brno. This year (2005) it took place from 29th of April to 1st of May again. I was invited to play there as a DJ during protest march (well, you cannot play vinyls on alegoric truck, where you hardly stay, right? ;-), so I saw things normally hidden to other people. Another coincidence was the fact that I had to make some movie for my school seminar, so camera was with me all the time and the result is below.

Estimates are about 1000 people in the march and (my personal estimate) about 500 cops around. This was probably the biggest psytrance production ever held in Czech Republic.

For downloading this music documentary, you have to have XviD codec installed.

BooYone @ ProtestFest 2005
360x202 39MB [XviD 1 Mbps/MP3 160kbps] | 720x404 90MB [XviD 2.6 Mbps/MP3 160kbps]

You can also check out some galleries from the event here and here.


There were two battery packs for the camera (Canon MV30i). Both of them were ages old, so when fully (heh) charged first lasted about 1 minute, second about 3 minutes. Try to imagine shooting a documentary, when you have max. recording time like this. When there's power, the shooting was quite OK (ie. in the truck), otherwise it was total time terror.

The movie was presented on annual Film Festival of Faculty of Informatics, where it achieved second worst ranking. Thanks to all psy fans who voted for this :-)