Mr. Zdeeck's alter ego - DJ Triptamine

I've started 'DJing' in very early age - on summer camps, when there were 'discotheques' for kids made by kids, I was the one who always somehow ended by the cassette player (sic!). Well, the main reason for those 'discos' was the possibility to 'legally' touch a girl, so the main DJing magic was to play the slowest song around ;-)

After several years of messing around music systems on every party, we (me and DJ Orange) took the chance and tried to play in some clubs in our home city. Unfortunatelly, our music style is not that favourite nowadays, so we were forced to play 'commercial' stuff, which is not exactly our cup of tee... :) Anyway it's fun to entertain people, so we're enjoying DJing all the time whatever we play...

Some of bigger parties I've played on

Psyoux Sonic Spiral (2003)
Psyoux Strikes Back (2003)
Slafkof Openair 2004
Protestfest 2005
Slafkof Openair 2005
Synteza @ Perpetuum (6.11.2005)
BooYone3 (25.03.2006)
Protestfest 2006

Me behind (virtual :) turntables

Mix It, baby!