Miscellanous small stuff mostly for Linux

Script for proper setting EMU10k1 (SB Live! 5.1) with 5.1 speakers (mine are Cambridge Soundworks' DTT2200). I've tried to achieve best possible compromise for 5.1 speakers, unlike emu-script shipped with emu10k1 tools. AFAIK this is only usable for OSS drivers.

MikroUcto (Czech Only)
Malinká PHP aplikace na tisk faktur z Linuxu. Pouze pro neplátce DPH. (simple PHP application for printing invoices)

Czech translation for TaskFreak
Download the file, ungzip it, rename it to lg_cz.php and move it to language directory of Your TaskFreak installation.

Midnight Commander SE T610 Theme
This theme was originally made by somebody called h0kum for T630. I fiddled with the theme a little bit to make it look fine on my T610.

Converts PBM (portable bitmap) to MLG (MSI logo) format, which is used for startup logos on MSI MegaStick 528 MP3 player under Linux.