Some assembler games from my childhood

Since 1994 (when I did my last ZX Spectrum software) I started exploring PC compatible hardware. The language of choice was, of course, pure assembler in real mode. Before fully switching to Linux in 1999 I've created several pieces, which are presented here (mostly with source codes). Most of them are re-relases with updated documentation (well, more like overwritten because of dumb teen-age tone of originals) and some fixed bugs.

Nice crash in Tronn

Tronn (1997)

This one is just a warmup. The plot is pretty obvious, what matters here is the size - the whole game binary (.COM file) is just 256 bytes long, yet maintaing nice playability. It's a two-player game without computer oponent (probably the first of its kind 256-byte scene). Game keys are arrows for the Blue player and W, S, A and D for the Green one.

Download: (4579 bytes)

The original Matrix

Matrix (1997)


Puzzie (1997)

Bubble Buster

Bubble Buster (1997)

Shoot Out

Shoot Out (1996)