What do I like and what do I dislike

Software preferences

OS: Debian GNU/Linux [ potato | woody | sarge | sid ]
FS: ext3
MUA: Sylpheed
MTA: exim
WM: WindowMaker
WMApplets: wmnet, bubblefishymon, wmmon, wmitime, wmix, wmusic
MP: MPlayer
WB: Mozilla + Web Developer
Editor: mcedit
Programming Language: Actually anything reasonable including DL/SQL. (and no, BrainFuck is not my choice)

Other texnical preferences

Cellular standard:GSM
GSM Phone Brand:Ericsson, namely SH888, R520m, T610 and K750i
Keyboard:Chicony KB-9810 (probably the best piece of plastic you can type on)
Mouse:anything from Genius, preferrably with wheel