PaRADiSo II is my personal product for rapid application and administration prototyping and development. The main idea is to create DB model and then let the system generate the code for administrating such DB. The main advantage over tools such as PHPMyAdmin is that datatypes in PaRADiSo are HTML based, not SQL based. Instead of smallint you enter radiobutton and the system generates the necessary stuff. The output is not DB administration but Project administration, which makes huge difference by customers.

Unfortunatelly PaRADiSo II is probably not going to be released to public. The main reason is the advantage which PaRADiSo II gives me over competitors on PHP development market and no certainity that downloaders will contribute back to the project. Sorry guys... If you're interested in more information about PaRADiSo (or hopefully purchasing/licensing it :), write to me.

Actually... Previous paragraphs sound like nice egomasturbation... Ahhh... :-)


Create/Edit Dialog List/Search Dialog


You can see PaRADiSo-generated administration in DL/SQL download package...