Free music even for cellphonesYamaha PSR E403

After several years of restless waiting I've finally got some "real" keyboard. My Yamaha PSR E403 is not kind of professional gig instrument, but it has several nice features as cutoff and resonance filtering or built-in arpeggiator which makes it my precious. After trying to learn playing keyboards and messing with usability of this instrument under Linux, several hand-made songs (more like MIDI tests) in Rosegarden came out.

Sunny Mista [1:20], 2.1 MB, VBR MP3, interpreted by Yamaha PSR E403
Sunny Mista [1:20], 10.5 KB, Standard MIDI File
This is just a short reggae-like snippet which is meant to be further developed by anyone around. At first I was thinking of finishing it by myself but I run out of ideas, so it's all yours (see Creative Commons icon at the bottom of this page). You can download original score by clicking the MIDI file above, I can even send you original Rosegarden file (but I don't think its such a common music tool around :-). If you base any work on this, please just let me know - I'm just wondering if the Internet is really such a strong cooperation medium.

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