microBalls screenshot


* 300+ animated sprites on your cellphone in 50 FPS!

This is my first public JavaME (MIDP-1.0) production ever and as it often happens to be with debutants, it's a kind of simple intro/demo. The effect comes from oldskool ages, my first personal meeting with it was in Shock Megademo (part 7 - Mat Guest Screen) for ZX Spectrum but the invention is probably much older. This version also comes with procedural texture generator, 6 different sprites, FPS counter and all the other bells and whistles. The source is available under GNU GPL.

Tested phones: K750i, K800, N9500, N6021, T610, N73, Razr2 V8

JAR: http://zdeeck.borg.cz/j2me/microBalls.jar (v0.9.4)
JAD: http://zdeeck.borg.cz/j2me/microBalls.jad
SRC: http://zdeeck.borg.cz/j2me/microBalls_0.9.4.tgz

If you find out any compatibility problems on your device, or you test this on some yet untested device, contact me.

Fountain 3D Screenshot

Fountain 3D

* a realistic water source in your pocket with full control
* open source wireframe 3D engine
* runs even on the crappiest cellphones whitout OpenGL ES
* benchmarking abilities

This is basically a technology demo for 3D engine used in a upcoming game Tank Duel 3D, which is right before completion. Unfortunatelly the last mile is always the worst so just to get some motivation this pocket fountain was created. Just to clear things up, it is intentionally wireframe, I just love the oldskool feeling of this.


UP/DOWNgo closer/further
#stop rotation
1/7rotate camera up/down
3/9change water pressure
4/6change water rendering complexity
0bullet time
525 FPS limiter on/off
*HUD on/off

Tested phones:

K750i, N9500, N6021


JAR: http://zdeeck.borg.cz/j2me/Fountain3D.jar (v1.0.0), MIDP 2.0/CLDC 1.0
JAD: http://zdeeck.borg.cz/j2me/Fountain3D.jad
JAR: http://zdeeck.borg.cz/j2me/Fountain3D_MIDP10.jar (v1.0.0), MIDP 1.0/CLDC 1.0
JAD: http://zdeeck.borg.cz/j2me/Fountain3D_MIDP10.jad
SRC: http://zdeeck.borg.cz/j2me/Fountain3D_1.0.0.tgz

TankDuel 3D

TankDuel 3D (in progress)

* a loose retrogaming conversion from ZX Spectrum
* real custom-made wireframe 3D engine
* runs even on the crappiest cellphones whitout OpenGL ES
* dynamic gradients
* killing AI
* runs @ 60FPS on SonyEricsson K750i

Tank Duel 3D