Hardcore ear torture

After leaving classical trackers, nothing happened for a long time. I was looking for something new to play with. Finally, Buzz Tracker came across my way and I was astonished. Genuine synth work with look & feel of good ol' trackers. Here come some awful experiments of mine:

Droom [3:10], 3.8MB, VBR MP3
M. C. Escher - Droom Somehow chillout tune. Inspired by following picture by true genius of graphics - M. C. Escher. Thanks to Orange for polishing and colorizing original picture. Droom means Dream in Dutch, so hopefully you'll experince some acid dream by listening to this :)

One day a friend of mine came to me and asked me for simple loop for his review of some digital camera. The point was that samples of video from that cam should have been included on bonus CD of the magazine and without any music those videos looked somehow strange. As a simple solution without any copyright isssues I was asked to do this. First draft was about one minute long loop which my friend accepted without any comments. Next day I started to think about the tune and finished with this 3+ minutes long synth meditative stuff. However, strong loopness is still very recognizable. The song achieved 10th place out of 20 in course I've attended.

The whole song was composed in Buzz without any postproduction. Only samples used were hi-hat and snare drum (emulated TR808 by one of standard BuzzMachines). The dreamy feeling is accomplished by strong usage of reverb and echo effectors.

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