Who the heck is Mr. Zdeeck?

I come from nice city called Brno, located in south-moravian region of the Czech Republic, Europe. With population 387,570, Brno is the second biggest city in CR after Prague (1,200,000). I'm a member of 4Buddhas creative group, founder of Borg Solutions softwaremark, and co-founder of České Telekomunikace company.

I'm also trying to be a humble Wikipedia contributor, you can check my contributions list.

Physical description

Name:Mgr. Zdík KudrleMr. Zdeeck's face
Age:40.98 years
Height:178 cm (god bless metric system)
Weight:70 kg
Ass:pink :)

What a strange name...

...even for Czech. Actually, everybody is asking me about my first name so explanation follows: The name Zdík is pretty uncommon in the Czech Republic (as far as I know, there're max. 20 people with this name in my country) and probably totally unknown in all non-slavic countries. It is an abbreviation of ancient Czech name Zdislav, meaning Here's the famous (One) or the One famous here (in Czech: Zde slavný).

The first known person bearing the name Zdík was bishop Henry (Jindřich) Zdík of Olomouc (∗1080, inaugurated 22.3.1126, †24.6.1150) who lived in central Moravian city of Olomouc (how unexpected :). He's famous for his excellent political skills (he's said to be one of the most educated men in middle Europe in his times). Another legend has it, that he was a bastard son of Cosmas the Chronicler (monk, who wrote the first chronicle of Bohemian kingdom, unfortunatelly in Latin).

After becoming aware of language abilities of one nation from three-letter-named-country, I decided to create English transliteration Zdeeck. The pronounciation of this is probably the closest one to the original, the only difference is in letter d. In Czech language, letter d followed by i gets softened the same way as n is softened in Spanish word mañana (tomorrow).